More frivolously assembled lists of books

Kind of sort of a follow-up to the previous book list.

Big History and “Deep Determinants” (published since 2000)

Books in archaeology, anthropology, prehistory, psychology, evolution, etc. which are relevant to economic history and social change in general. My thinking has been altered by all of the following books:

I must thank Razib Khan for blogging about Atran so often, because otherwise I don’t think I would have finished reading it. But sticking with it definitely pays off.

Stimulating econ history books: Honourable Mentions

In my previous post listing the 25 most stimulating or thought-provoking books in economic history published since 2000, I left out several items which I now list as honourable mentions.


Must-Read (but not yet read) Forthcoming or Recent Books

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10 Responses to More frivolously assembled lists of books

  1. Yudi says:

    I eagerly await Vaclav Smil’s Energy and Civilization: A History, which will be released in May.

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  2. Carolina Alves says:

    Turchin’s War and Peace and War is magnificent. Not sure why Schneider’s book is here…


  3. Razib says:

    i gave up on atran’s book 1st two go-arounds. so i hear you.


    • Yudi says:

      He has a rather French style of writing, I think–seems very dense. I own the book but haven’t finished it.


  4. Noel Maurer says:

    I’m wounded. 😀


  5. ScottLoar says:

    Empire of Things: How We Became a World of Consumers, from the 15th century to the 21st, by Frank Trentmann (Penguin edition 2017; ISBN 978-0-141-02874-3), 690 pages that I’m plowing through.


  6. John Nye says:

    Good stuff.


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