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Labour repression & the Indo-Japanese divergence

There used to be more research and debate on the negative effects of labour resistance on early industrialisation, but that topic has been crowded out by the intense focus on inequality of recent years. There now prevails a quiet presumption … Continue reading

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Economic History Papers

First posted 6 March 2017; last revised 10 April 2017 This is a companion to my Economic History Books page. This reference page collects surveys, articles, and blogs — basically, linkable things — which give a good overview of academic research on general-interest … Continue reading

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Sven Beckert’s Empire of Cotton: A Reductionist Summary

Historian Sven Beckert’s widely acclaimed book, Empire of Cotton: A New History of Global Capitalism, is a good agrarian, business, and labour history of a single commodity. But as economic history it’s not so good.

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Economic History Books

First posted 18 January 2015; last updated: 8 February 2017 I keep getting asked for survey-type books/articles on the economic history of particular regions or countries. In the list below, as much as possible, I stick to works of economic history with a stress on … Continue reading