This blog is (mostly) about economic history, growth, and development. Things which especially interest me include: the nature of preindustrial economies, the “transition to capitalism” debate, the Great Divergence, the “first globalisation” (1870-1914), the political economy of development in the Global South, and the resurgence of East Asia.

Paul Samuelson reputedly quipped to W. W. Rostow: “Walt, you may be an economist among historians, but you are historian when you are among economists”. But I think this guy‘s formulation is less mean: “Too economist to be a historian. Too historian to be an economist”.

Pseudoerasmus dwells in a primitive habitation in Chokurdakh, Sakha Republic. You can contact him at pseudoerasmus[at]yahoo[dot]com. In the meanwhile, do admire this lovely view of Chokurdakh. Not as nice as Copacabana ? Well, fuck them.


3 Responses to About

  1. Are you anonymous because your mingling with the rabble (via communicating complex academic ideas on twitter, reddit, and this blog) will make your fellow academics hold you in ill repute?


  2. Anonymous says:

    When you enough you know enough history you know how second rate Academic Economists like Noah end up when they blog publicly.

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  3. BucardoReal says:

    Assuming you know the theory of H. Mackinder’s “Geographical Pivot of History,” do you think that a (possible) intense industrialization of a large region of Central Asia could become a new (at least economic) power nucleus To compete and displace any competitor? Could it move the mainly maritime trade node between East and West in favor of a terrestrial node in Central Asia?

    If you do not want to answer don’t worry, I have seen that you have not responded to two other comments.


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